Energy Management for Commercial Properties: Top Strategies for Sustainability

Energy Management for Commercial Properties: Top Strategies for Sustainability

It's estimated that the total energy consumption of commercial buildings in the United States reaches a staggering 6.8 quadrillion BTUs each year. While energy is essential for commercial operations, there's no denying that it puts a massive toll on the environment.

Not only that, but inefficient energy strategies can cost businesses thousands or even millions of dollars. The solution is to invest in energy management solutions for commercial properties.

So how do you get started with implementing energy management strategies? And who can help your El Paso properties? In this energy-saving tips guide, we'll answer this question so you can make a push toward sustainability for your properties today.

Invest in Solar Panels

One of the key commercial property marketing strategies is to upgrade your properties. If you're making the push to be more sustainable with your energy management, then you should consider solar panels.

For starters, this investment often pays for itself over the decades with all of the energy savings and tax incentives.

On top of that, it's a great selling point to businesses and clients who want to rent from an owner who prioritizes clean energy.

Utilize Smart Building Technology

New advances in smart building technology are perfect for reducing energy costs. That's because it can use things like sensors and AI to save you money.

For example, smart thermostats can automate and optimize your heating and cooling. They can also cut the AC if no one is in the room. That way, you're not paying to cool a room that no one is using.

Install Energy Management Products

Things like LED lights will only use a fraction of the energy that an incandescent bulb will use. Similarly, ductless heating and cooling will save you a lot on commercial energy bills.

But how do you find these types of energy-saving products? Look for ones with an Energy Star tag on them.

These are certified products that meet the energy-saving specifications set by the EPA. These products might cost you a little money, but they make up for it in energy savings.

Hire Property Management Services

As a commercial property investor, you might not have much time to focus on the energy management aspects of your real estate. Luckily, sustainable property management services can deal with this for you.

They can help by performing energy audits to see where things can be improved. Then, they'll coordinate with vendors to install the necessary upgrades for efficient energy use.

Best of all, they can deal with every other aspect of managing, from rent collection and marketing to repairs and maintenance. Just make sure you choose the right property management company.

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We hope this guide helped you learn more about energy management for El Paso commercial properties. Here at PMI El Paso, we know that many managers and investors are too busy to worry about energy management upgrades.

That's why we help you as much as you need, whether that's coordinating with energy upgrade vendors or managing your entire commercial property. If you're ready for the management help you've been searching for, contact us today.